Swiss Army Replica Watches

Hey guys, nowday I want to give my first article in this blog system. What I wanted to tell to you all is about Swiss Army Watch. A week ago I have bought a new watch instead my old boken watch. Back at the kast week actually I wanted to bought a same watch as like before. But when I look at Swiss Army watch, Wow it Interested me. So, I buy it.

And then a couple hour after I bought the watch, I went to Palangka Raya (At the time I was in Pangkalan Bun, a town in Indonesia, in Central Kalimantan). In Palangka Raya, I saw a watch. I saw it faar enough so I can’t saw it clearly. When I make it close, I was surprised, I saw Swiss Army watch sold just about Rp.70.000 or $.8. Iwas surprised because I buy my Swiss Army watch about $40. I was thought that I’m so fool.

I saw it carefully and hopping that I found something different. And I found it.

The different are:


All of the stuff in the watch are work.

The case is look like anti glare.


Some stuff are does’t work

Glare in some place.

So, If you wanna buy an original watch, its better if you buy in the right place and keep on eye of the replica one.


About lynxdeby
I'am a university student in STAIN Palangka Raya in English Departement, interested in global netting and computerization.

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